Michael Pond, Retired, Centerra Gold Services Inc., previously of Thompson Creek Metals/Mining Company at Endako Mine, 1-250-699-0094

Graeme Roper, Centerra Gold Services at Mount Milligan Mine, 1-250-996-2500 ext. 14145 who has said,

“LDS was retained by MTM (mount Milligan Mine) to complete multiple till and rock diamond drilling campaigns over multiple years. Challenges with drilling complex till overburden, as well as operating within an active open pit during the drill programs were always met with a professional and collaborative approach between LDS and MTM. By working collaboratively, all project deadlines were met within expected timelines and within the budget scope. LDS’s proactive approach to provide safe solutions to working in changing conditions within an active mine setting allowed the programs to succeed.”

Daniel Liu, M.Sc., Senior Project Geologist, Equity Exploration Consultants Ltd., 1-604-688-9806 has said,

“LDS Diamond Drilling Ltd. (LDS) was contracted to conduct diamond drilling in 2017 and 2018 at the Mt. Milligan Mine under the supervision of Equity Exploration Consultants Ltd. (Equity) for Centerra Gold (Centerra). In 2017, LDS conducted 6619 m of diamond drilling with one drill. In 2018, LDS conducted 18,922 m of diamond drilling with two drills. In addition to drilling services, LDS provided road and earthen drill pad construction services during those programs.

During the 2017 and 2018 drilling programs LDS performed professionally and with a high level of efficiency and competence. The drillers of LDS were able to consistently produce core at a very high rate in comparison to industry standards. The quality and presentation of drill core provided by LDS was exceptional. Despite very challenging drilling conditions and poor rock quality in some areas drilled they were able to provide clean, continuous runs of core with a high level of recovery. The drill team was efficient at mitigating issues with difficult ground and were excellent at anticipating the logistics of drill moves, road construction, and reclamation to keep the workflow continuous. The drill crew were diligent with regularly maintaining their drills and support equipment to avoid excess downtime.

The drill foreman and crew were always courteous and informative to talk to. They willingly shared their deep knowledge base with geologists on site when challenges in drilling were encountered. This kept everyone informed when making important decisions about drill planning. The drill foreman and crew provided daily communication about drilling activities and interactions with operations in the mine pit. Any issues that arose were promptly communicated to the mining and exploration geological teams to be dealt with in a professional manner.

I would welcome the opportunity to work with LDS again in the future.”